The modulating effect of melatonin against the genotoxicity of lead acetate

Abd El-Monem, D. D. ; Abd El-Monem, Dalia 


Lead represents a significant ecological and public health concern due to its toxicity and its ability to accumulate in living organisms. The present investigation was designated to assess the modulating effect of melatonin (MLT) against lead acetate (LA) genotoxicity. Three cytogenetic end points were considered: the frequencies of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocyte cells (MnPCEs) in the bone marrow, the chromosomal aberration in the primary spermatocytes and the frequency of sperm abnormalities. Male mice were used in this experiment; animals were divided into 8 groups of 6 animals each. First group received an oral gavage of solvent (4% ethanol) and served as control and the other groups received an oral gavage ofMLT (10 mg/kg) and/or 10, 50, 100 mg/kg body weight of lead acetate for 11 days.Micewere scarified 24 h after the last treatment. Examination and analysis ofMnPCEs and meioticmetaphases showed nomutagenic effect of melatonin.Meanwhile LAinduced a significant (P<0.01) increase in the three end points used in this investigation. Results showed that melatonin caused a significant reduction in MnPCEs and chromosomal aberrations in meiotic cells. PCE/NCE ratios in bonemarrowalso increased in relation to melatonin and LAtreatments.Moreover, melatonin decreased the%of spermabnormality by 28.3%. The data obtained in this study suggest that melatonin administration confers protection against damage inflicted by LA, and support the contention that melatonin protection is achieved by its ability as a scavenger for free radicals generated by LA.

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Keywords Lead acetate; Melatonin; Micronucleus test; Meiotic chromosomes; Sperm morphology; Mice
Issue Date 2012
Journal The Journal of Basic & Applied Zoology 
DOI 10.1016/j.jobaz.2012.07.001

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