An intelligent technique for endogenously silencing a specific human gene by siRNA

Abdel-Rahman, Mohammad ; Youssif, A.A.A. ; Ghaleb, F.F.M. ; Salem, A.-B.M. 


"The use of short interfering RNA (siRNA) is an emerging powerful method for gene silencing. siRNA is a short RNA sequence that targets mRNA and causes the sequencespecific degradation of the mRNA. Despite its importance, few efforts have been made to develop algorithms and computational tools to detect genes controlled by siRNA process. This paper introduces an algorithm that uses an intelligent technique based on voting to determine whether a specific gene can be endogenously controlled by the cell using a siRNA sequence. When applying the proposed algorithm; the experimental results show that it requires relatively small memory space (not more than 70 MB) and in less than 3 minutes to determine whether a human gene can endogenously controlled. This makes the proposed algorithm practical to run into large genomes, specially the Human genome, and its specificity for only single gene increases its medical benefit as a tool for detecting treatments for specific diseases."

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Keywords Gene silencing, siRNA, Hashing Algorithms, Voting Algorithms, ESSG problem
Issue Date 2011
Journal 2011 E-Health and Bioengineering Conference, EHB 2011 

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