Life history and life table of pronematus ubiquitus (Mcgregor) as a predator of eriophyoid mites in Egypt (Acari: Tydeidae)

Abou-Awad B. ; El Sawaf, Bahira ; Abdel Kader A.A. 


The predacious mite Pronematus ubiquitus (McGregor) successfully developed from larva to adult stage when fed on individuals of the fig bud mite Eriophyesficus Cotte and the fig leaf mite Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae Keifer. The durations of the immature and adult stages were determined. The number of prey consumed was highest when individuals were maintained on the fig bud mite compared with the fig leaf mite. The average number of eggs/female/day was 1.9 and 1.6 on E. ficus and E. ficifoliae, respectively. P. ubiquitus populations fed on the fig bud and leaf mites multiplied 18-55 and 17-40 times in a generation time of 27.18 and 28.72 days, respectively. It proved to be a more voracious predator on E. ficus than on R. ficifoliae.

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Issue Date 1-Jan-1999
Journal Acarologia 

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