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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Adrenal cortex influence of thyroid activity in the serag el din 
1993Aldosterone and plasma rennin activity in hyperthyroid rats: Effect of serag el din 
2017Ameliorating role of salmon diet on water Disinfection by products on fertility of the Males albino ratsOla, Serag El Din Shaheen 1; Batta, H. Abd El Azim2* ; Abd El Fattah, N ; Abdelfattah, Nehal 
1993Chemical Composition of Blood corpuscles membrane in hypothyroid rats before and after treatment with serag el din ; El Saaed, I. ; Abou El Makarem, M ; Gaballa, A., Afifi, E 
1991Effect of adrenocortical steroids and synacthen on renal response of the domestic pigeon before and after hypertonic saline serag el din ; Yanni, M ; Sayed, M. 
1991Effect of adrenocortical steroids and synacthen on the histology of the pigeon adrenal glandprof.dr/ola serag el din ; Sayed, M. ; Yanni, M 
1993Effect of chlorpromazine on the conjugation mechanisms in rat serag el din ; MAbou El Makarem, ; El Nokaly, A.M. ; Madbouly, S.H 
1993Effect of CNS stimulants on pituitary gonadal axis in female serag el din ; Madbouly, S.H. ; Abou El Makarem, M ; Edaros, M ; Hussein, M 
1993Effect of different steroids and phenobarbitone on liver function of rats serag el din ; El Nokaly, A ; Madbouly, S.H. ; El Saeid, I ; Afifi, E 
1989Effect of different steroids on hepatic lysosomal enzymes (acid phosphatase and β-Glucuronidase) in serag el din ; Abou El Makarem, M ; Madbouly, S.H. ; Edaros, M ; Kandil, J 
1994Effect of Estardiol on calcium and its relation to 25-hydroxyvitamin D in female albino serag el din 
1993Effect of exposure to noise on blood cortisol, insulin, glucose and free fatty acids.El Saeid, I ; Abou El Makarem, M ; prof.dr/ola serag el din ; Madbouly S.H ; El Nokaly, A. 
1994Effect of natural and synthetic estradiol in female albino serag el din 
1993Effect of noradrenaline on active rennin, aldosterone and electrolytes in albino serag el din 
2014Effect of pesticides on liver enzymes activity of farm workers in Gaza serag el din ; Yassin , M.M. ; El Shanty, T.A.T 
1993Effect of propylthiouracil on thyroid hormones, growth and intermediary metabolism in immature rats Effect of thyroxine replacement serag el din 
2011Effect of SoyBeans on Lipid Profile of Female and Male Albino Ratsprof.dr/ola serag el din ; Nehal abd elfaatah ; Batta, H. Abd El Azim ; Abd el Fattah, N. 
1992Effect of Thyroid function on blood glucose and insulin serag el din ; Abd El Dayem, S 
2011Effects of soybean on some predictors of cardiovascular risk in ovariectomized female albino serag el din ; Batta, H. ; Abd El Azim ; Rania, A. Lotfy 
22-May-2015Osteoporosis and the Role of Soybeans in Ovariectomized ( OVX) Female Albino Ratshamdy, batta ; Serag el din, Ola ; Rania, A. Lotfy