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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessment of children's patterns of abuse in pediatric health care settingsOuda, W. E. ; Ibrahiem, S. 
2015Assessment of factors affecting the decision making in management of children suffering from diabetesAbd El Aziz, L. ; Ouda, W. E. ; El Samahy, M. ; El Sayed, Z. F. 
2017Assessment of knowledge and practice of nurses towards Kangaro care at neonatal intensive care unitOuda, W. ; Adly, R. ; Hussein, N. 
2015Assessment of mother's knowledge and practice regarding care of their children suffering from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma at children's cancer hospitalOuda, W. E. ; Emad, M. ; Nader, B. S. ; Saleh, S. 
2015Assessment of mother's knowledge regarding care of their children suffering from viral infectionOuda, W. E. ; Nasr El Din, A. ; Mohamed, M. 
2015Assessment of mothers knowledge and attitudes towards their children suffering from hearing impairmentOuda, W. E. ; Shafik, F. ; Abdullah, R. 
2016Assessment of mothers knowledge and practice in care of their children suffering from oral mucositis related to acute lymphoblastic leukemiaOuda, W. E. ; Nader, B. ; Fouad, F. A. 
2013Assessment of nurses' role in supporting hospitalized children and their accompanying mothers at NICUOuda, W. E. ; Bayoumi, O. R. ; Mohamed, R. A. 
2015Assessment of parents and children satisfaction about primary nurses assessment in children's Hospital 57357Ouda, W. E. ; Emad, M. ; Tantawy, H. ; Kamal, N. 
2011Barriers in Controlling Glycemic Condition of Children Suffering from Type 1 DiabetesMohamed, F. M. ; Ouda, W. E. ; El-Sayed, S. 
2013Daily living activities of children suffering from cerebral palsyOuda, W. E. ; Bayoumi, O. R. ; Mahmoud, N. I. 
2011Daily living activities of physically disabled children in Ismailia cityOuda, W. E. ; Elshahawy, H. A. ; Abd-Allah, I. M. ; Ahmed, S. G. 
2013Developing Educational Program for Nurses Related to Infection Control of Invasive Procedures in Neonatal Units at El-Minia University and General HospitalsAbolwafa, N. F. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Mohamed, F. Z. ; Masoed, E. S. 
2014Effect of an educational program for mothers regarding care of their children having intestinal stomaElwasefy, S. A. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Waly, M. E. ; Hashem, S. F. 
2011The Effect of Health Educational Intervention on Nutritional Behavioral Modifications among Obese Adolescent girlsOuda, W. E. ; Elsorety, W. ; Ismail, S. ; Adly, R. 
2014Effect of implementing training program for nurses on prevention of pediatric ventilator-associated pneumoniaElbilgahy, A. A. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Hashem, S. F. ; Elassmy, M. M. 
2014Effect of information technology based intervention on glycemic control of children suffering from diabetes in Gaza StripEljerjawy, M. F. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Adly, R. A. ; Tantawy, H. R. 
2011The effect of nursing clinical pathway on care of children undergoing bone marrow transplantationEldesowky, S. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Amin, E. 
2014Effect of nursing intervention on child safety at pediatric health care settingsHamdy, R. E. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Nasser Eldin, A. N. 
2014Effect of nursing intervention on short and long term health problems of children suffering from Hirschprung's diseaseElsayed, F. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Elraafy, S. ; Elsayed, S.