Ouda, Wafaa

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Ouda, Wafaa
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Ouda, W.
Ouda, W. E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Impact of Using an Automated Interactive Telephone to Improve Diabetes Management in ChildrenEl-Gergawyi, M. F. ; Ouda, W. E. ; Adly, A. A. ; Tantawy, H. F. 
2Mar-2009Effect of Supportive Care on Controlling Fears of Children with Cancermourad, ghada ; Ouda, W. E. ; Safaa Salah ; Asmaa Nasr-Eldin 
32014Effect of self learning package on care givers of children undergoing dialysis therapyAlghadban, F. E. ; Ouda, W. E. ; AboElella, I. ; Shafik, F.