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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Effects of combined diethylcarbamazine and albendazole treatment of bancroftian filariasis on parasite uptake and development in Culex pipiens LFarid, H.A. ; Hammad, Ragaa ; Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar ; Ramzy, R.M.R. ; El Setouhy, M. ; Weil, G.J. 
21-Jan-1996Experimental infection and transmission of Leishmania major by laboratory-reared Phlebotomus bergeroti parrotHanafi H. ; El Sawaf, Bahira ; Fryauff D. ; Modi G. ; Presley S. 
31-Dec-1994Reduced longevity and fecundity in Leishmania-infected sand fliesEl Sawaf, Bahira ; El Sattar S. ; Shehata M. ; Lane R. ; Morsy T. 
42003Relationships between Wuchereria bancrofti microfilaria counts in human blood and parasite uptake and maturation in Culex pipiens, with observations on the effects of diethylcarbamazine treatment on these parametersFarid, H.A. ; Hammad, Ragaa ; Soliman, D.A. ; El Setouhy, M.A. ; Ramzy, R.M.R. ; Weil, G.J.