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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2020A Framework for Continuous Regression and Integration Testing in IoT Systems Based on Deep Learning and Search-Based TechniquesMedhat, Noha ; Sherin M. Moussa ; Badr, Nagwa ; Tolba, Mohamed F.
21-Jan-2020Analog IC Design Using Precomputed Lookup Tables: Challenges and SolutionsYoussef, Abdelrahman A.; Murmann, Boris; Omran, Hesham 
32-Dec-2020CBRG: A Novel Algorithm for Handling Missing Data Using Bayesian Ridge Regression and Feature Selection Based on Gain RatioSamih M Mostafa; Abdelrahman S Eladimy; Hamad, Safwat ; Hirofumi Amano
41-Jan-2020Comparative Study on Deep Convolution Neural Networks DCNN-Based Offline Arabic Handwriting RecognitionGhanim, Taraggy M.; Khalil, Mahmoud ; Abbas, Hazem M.
51-Jan-2019Cyber-Security Internals of a Skoda Octavia vRS: A Hands on ApproachUrquhart, Colin; Bellekens, Xavier; Tachtatzis, Christos; Atkinson, Robert; Hanan Hindy ; Seeam, Amar
623-May-2022Deep Investigation of the Recent Advances in Dialectal Arabic Speech RecognitionHamzah A Alsayadi ; Islam Hegazy ; Fayed, Zaki T. ; Alotaibi, Bandar; Abdelhamid, Abdelaziz 
72021An Efficient Approach for Mining Reliable High Utility PatternsFouad, Mohammed A.; Hussein, Wedad; Rady, Sherine ; Yu, Philip S.; Gharib, Tarek F.
82022An Efficient Approach for Rational Next-Basket RecommendationFouad, MA; Hussein, W.M. ; Rady, Sherine ; Yu, PS; Gharib, TF
913-Jun-2022Gray-scale Image Encryption using DNA OperationsNada H. Sharkawy; Afify, Yasmine M. ; Gad, Walaa ; Badr, Nagwa 
101-Jan-2020Improving BDD enumeration for LWE problem using GPUEsseissah, Mohamed S.; Bhery, Ashraf; Bahig, Hatem M. 
111-Jan-2019Joint VMIMO and LDPC decoders for IR-UWB wireless body area networkYoussef, Albashir Adel; Bassant Abdelhamid ; Elramly, S. H.; ElAttar, Hussein M.; Ali, Hazem Hassan
122018LDPC Decoding Algorithms for Implant to Implant Wireless Body Area NetworkYoussef, A.A. ; Bassant Abdelhamid ; El-Ramly, S.H. ; ElAttar, H.M. ; Ali, H.H. 
131-Mar-2018LDPC Decoding Algorithms for Implant to Implant Wireless Body Area NetworkYoussef, Albashir Adel; Bassant Abdelhamid ; El-Ramly, Salwa Hussein; Elattar, Hussein M.; Ali, Hazem Hassan
141-Jan-2020Learners on Focus: Visualizing analytics through an integrated model for learning analytics in adaptive gamified e-learningMaher, Yara; Sherin M. Moussa ; Khalifa, M. Essam
151-Jan-2014A localized adaptive strategy to calculate the backoff interval in contention-based vehicular networksAbdelkader, Tamer ; Naik K. 
161-Jan-2019Systematic design of bandgap voltage reference using precomputed lookup tablesOmran, Hesham ; Amer, Mohamed H.; Mansour, Ahmed M.
1715-Dec-2020Time-delayed Nonlinear Feedback Controllers to Suppress The Principal Parameter ExcitationYOMNA Y. ELLABBAN ; GALAL M. MOATIMID ; FAWZY M. ELSABAA; Saeed, Nasser Abdul Fadeel Abdul Hameed