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12003Efficient Network Planning Using The cspw-CLARANS Clustering AlgorithmGad, Walaa 
22003Clustering for Network PlanningGad, Walaa 
32004The Clustering Gain of CSPw-CLARANS for Network Planning in the Presence of ObstaclesGad, Walaa ; L Fattouh ; Omar Karam ; M El Sharkawy 
41-Apr-2017CBER: An Effective Classification Approach Based on Enrichment Representation for Short Text DocumentsIsmail E. ; Gad, Walaa 
51-Jan-2015Dynamic System for Prioritizing and Accelerating Inspections to Support Capital Renewal of BuildingsHegazy T. ; Gad, Walaa 
62009Semantic Relatedness and Similarity Measures for Document ClusteringGad, Walaa ; M Kamel 
71-Mar-2018A hybrid model to predict best answers in question answering communitiesElalfy D. ; Gad, Walaa ; Ismail R. 
81-Jan-2016An E-mail filtering approach using classification techniquesBahgat E. ; Rady S. ; Gad, Walaa 
91-Jan-2016An E-mail filtering approach using classification techniquesBahgat E. ; Rady S. ; Gad, Walaa 
102-Feb-2016Predicting best answer in community questions based on content and sentiment analysisElalfy D. ; Gad, Walaa ; Ismail R. 
112009Enhancing text clustering performance using semantic similarityGad, Walaa ; Kamel, M.S. 
122-Feb-2016Text document annotation methods: Stat of artIsmail I. ; Gad, Walaa ; Hamdy M. ; Bahnsy K. 
1326-Feb-2015A fuzzy-based routing protocol for metropolitan-area mobile adhoc networksWalaa Khaled ; Abdelkader T. 
142010Incremental clustering algorithm based on phrase-semantic similarity histogramGad, Walaa ; Kamel, M.S. 
152009New semantic similarity based model for text clustering using extended gloss overlapsGad, Walaa ; Kamel, M.S. 
161-Jan-2015A game-theoretic approach to supporting fair cooperation in delay tolerant networksAbdelkader T. ; Naik K. ; Gad, Walaa