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Ashour M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2015Volatile constituents of Dietes bicolor (Iridaceae) and their antimicrobial activityAyouba I. ; Youssefa F. ; El-Shazly M. ; Ashour M. ; Singab A. ; Wink M. 
21-Jan-2017Two new triterpenoids and a new naphthoquinone derivative isolated from a hard coral-derived fungus Scopulariopsis spElnaggar M. ; Ebada S. ; Ashour M. ; Ebrahim W. ; Singab A. ; Lin W. ; Liu Z. ; Proksch P. 
31-Jan-2014Profile of volatile components of hydrodistilled and extracted leaves of Jacaranda acutifolia and their antimicrobial activity against foodborne pathogensSingab A. ; Mostafa N. ; Eldahshan O. ; Ashour M. ; Wink M. 
41-Sep-2013The genus Eremophila (Scrophulariaceae): An ethnobotanical, biological and phytochemical reviewSingab A. ; Youssef F. ; Ashour M. ; Wink M. 
51-Jan-2016Cytotoxic activity and molecular docking of a novel biflavonoid isolated from Jacaranda acutifolia (Bignoniaceae)Mostafa N. ; Ashour M. ; Eldahshan O. ; Singab A.