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117-Feb-2018Cap-preserving SMILE Enhancement SurgeryWahba, Sherine ; Roshdy MM ; Ayaad NR ; Sedky, A.N. 
215-Dec-2017Dellen formation as a complication of subconjunctival silicone oil following microincision vitrectomyRoshdy MM ; Wahba, Sherine ; Mahgoub MM 
32013Effect of a single-piece aspheric hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens design on centration and rotationRoshdy MM ; Riad RF ; Morkos FF ; Hassouna AK ; Wahba SS 
42012Agreement and relationship between ultrasonic and partial coherence interferometry measurements of axial length and anterior chamber depthWissa, A.R. ; Wahba SS ; Roshdy MM 
52011Visual performance of the Tecnis one-piece lens ZCB00Wahba SS ; Riad RF ; Morkos FF ; Hassouna AK ; Roshdy MM