Ali, Hossam Eldin

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Ali, Hossam Eldin
Hossam Ali
Hossam Eldin A. Ali
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Advanced Numerical Prediction of Movements Associated With Braced Excavation 3F aculty of ", Engineering Scientific BulletinAhmed, A. Ali, ; Ali, Hossam Eldin ; Lotfy, Ayman 
21999"Characterizing the Swelling Potential of Soils via Neuro-Reliability Approach," In Intelligent Engineering Systems through Artificial Neural NetworksNajjar, Yacoub ; Basheer, Imad ; Ali, Hossam Eldin ; McReynolds, Richard 
31998"CPT-Based Liquefaction Potential Assessment: A Neuronet Approach," In Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil DynamicsNajjar, Yacoub ; Ali, Hossam Eldin 
42010"CPT-SPT correlations for calcareous sand in the Persian Gulf AreaT.M. Elkateb ; Ali, Hossam Eldin 
5Feb-2005Effect of Pile Loading Test Set-Up on The Accuracy of the Test ResultsS oilAli, Hossam Eldin ; Hosny Ahmed 
61998"Neuronet-Based Approach for Assessing the Liquefaction Potential of Soils,"Ali, Hossam Eldin ; Najjar, Yacoub 
71998"On the use of BPNN in liquefaction potential assessment tasks," Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Methods in Pavement and Geomechanical SystemsNajjar, Yacoub ; Ali, Hossam Eldin 
8Jun-2010Optimization of Land Appli-cation for Sewage Treatment in Rural Desert AreasSabry,Tarek ; Ali, Hossam ; Ali, Abd EI Fallah ; Afifi, Sherif ; Ali, Hossam Eldin 
92003Prediction of Ground Subsidence Associated With Construction of Greater Cairo Metro–Line 3Ahmed, A.Ali ; Ali, Hossam Eldin ; El-Sayed, Sayed ; Nour El-Din, Shady 
1018-Jan-2007“Reliability Analyses for Shallow Uplift FootingsS oil ",Ali, Hossam Eldin 
11Feb-2006The Use of Dynamic Probing In Calcareous Sandy Depositsc hanics and FoundationsAli, Hossam Eldin