Mosa, Ahmed


Department of Plant Pathology - Agriculture
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Mosa, Ahmed
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Name, Family name: MosaForenames : Ahmed Ahmed AhmedDate of birth : 1st April, 1955Marital Status : Married, have son and daughterNationality : EgyptianLanguage : Arabic, English and JapaneseHome address : 7 El-Hakem Be-amr Alla, Garbedian, El-Khalafawi, Shoubra, Cairo, 11241 Mailing address : Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, P.O. Box 68 Hadayk Shobra, Cairo 11241, Egypt Phones : Residence: 02-2030007 mobile: 0100-1206777 Work: 02- 4441296 Ext. 377; Fax: 02- 4444460 My research focuses on the biology, etiology, epidemiology and control of both foliar and soil-borne diseases of vegetable and field crops. My main areas of research include using bacterial and fungal microorganisms for controlling root diseases and testing fungicides, biological and systemic acquired resistant activators for efficacy in managing plant diseases.
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11989Occurrence of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on potato in JapanM KATO, N SATO, K KOBAYASHI, A OGOSHI ; Mosa, Ahmed