Hussein, Soad

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Hussein, Soad
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Abdallah Soad A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Detection and differentiation of Escherichia coli populations from human, animal and avian feces, and different water sourcesAbdallah, S.A. ; Hussein, Soad 
22012Disinfectants use awareness among college of nursing students and nurses in some healthcare settings, KuwaitAbdallah, S.A. ; Al-Shatti, L. ; Al-Awadi, B. ; Al-Hammad, N. ; Hussein, Soad 
32011Impact of cleaning regimes on dental water unit contaminationAbdallah, S.A. ; Khalil, A.I. ; Hussein, Soad 
42005Microbiological beach sand quality in Gaza Strip in comparison to seawater qualityElmanama, A.A. ; Fahd, M.I. ; Afifi, S. ; Abdallah, Soad A. ; Bahr, S. ; Hussein, Soad 
52002Multiresistant Escherichia coli isolated from women with community-acquired urinary tract infections in the Gaza Strip [2]Astal, Z. ; Sharif, F.A. ; Abdallah, S.A. ; Fahd, M.I. ; Hussein, Soad 
62014Nonstandard Evaluation of the Efficacy of Gel- and Liquid-Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs against Staphylococcus aureus by Chemical and Biological Electronic Scanning Microscopic TechniquesAbdallah, Soad A. ; Laila A Al-Shatti ; Noura Al-Hammad ; Bashayer Al-Awadi. ; Hussein, Soad 
72013Prospective analysis methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and its risk factorsAbdallah, Soad A. ; Al-Asfoor, K. ; Salama, M. ; Al-Awadi, B. ; Hussein, Soad 
82013The detection of foodborne bacteria on beef: The application of the electronic noseAbdallah, Soad A. ; Al-Shatti, L.A. ; Alhajraf, A.F. ; Al-Hammad, N. ; Al-Awadi, B. ; Hussein, Soad