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Zaki, sherif
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Biodiversity of Phaeohyphomycosis Agents in Public Gardens in Cairo Vicinities, Egypt.Zaki, sherif ; Mohamed, S.S., ; EL-Mehalawy, A.A. ; Youssef, K.A. 
22007Fungal Endocarditis At Ain Shams university Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt.I. M. El-Kholy, ; Zaki, sherif ; A. Abdel-Aziz 
32016In vitro Susceptibility Testing of Clinical Zygomycetous Strains isolated in Cairo, Egypt against Ten Antifungal Agents by Broth Microdilution, Disk Diffusion and E-Test methods.Iman M. ElKholy, ; Sherif M. Zaki, ; Samar S. Moahmed, ; Walaa M. Wasfy ; Zaki, sherif 
42015In vitro Susceptibility Testing of Dermatophytes isolated in Cairo, Egypt against Eight Antifungal Agents by Broth Microdilution and Disk Difffusion Methods.Sherif M. Zaki, ; Iman M. ElKholy, ; Samar S. Mohamed, ; Walaa M. Wasfy ; Zaki, sherif 
52005Incidence of Yeast infection in hospitalized patients.Shetaia, Y. M. ; Zaki, sherif 
62008Molecular Identification of Phaeohyphomycosis Agents Inhabiting Natural environments in Egypt.Zaki, sherif 
72007The occurrence of bird aspergillosis in a private poultry farm at Ismailia, Egypt: a mycological, molecular and histopathological study.M. Abdel-Razik ; Zaki, sherif 
82005Opportunistic fungi recovered from muddy soil in Cairo vicinities, Egypt.Sherif, M. Zaki; ; Mikami, Y.; ; Al-Zahraa, A. karam El-Din ; Youssef, A. Youssef ; Zaki, sherif 
92006Prevalence of Fungal infection in liver transplant patients in Wadi El-Neel Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.I. M. El-Kholy ; S.M. Zaki ; Zaki, sherif 
102006Virulence and risk assessment of Candida albicans isolated from human mouths with oral candidiasis.M. Abdel-Razik ; Zaki, sherif