Elsedawy, Samira

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Full Name
Elsedawy, Samira
Main Affiliation
S. Abd El-Mongy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Concentration of some heavy metals in Egyptian human hairA.B. El – Bialy , S.S Hamed, S.Abd El-Mongy , E. Abd El Aziz. Mohamed ; Elsedawy, Samira 
22012Effect of Stabilizer on the Physical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide NanoparticlesSeoudi R.,El- Bially A.B.,1Shabaka A.A., Abd El- Mongy S., Shahen N.A.M and Meki S.M.K. ; Elsedawy, Samira 
32017Preparation and characterization of polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite by laser irradiationN A M Shahin , S Abd El Mongy. , R Kamal, A B El- Bially , A A Shabaka , F Barakat ; Elsedawy, Samira