Wahsh, Mona

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Wahsh, Mona
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Education:  Ph.D. (1st Class Honors) in Modern English Drama & Comparative Literature: January, 1991. Dissertation Title: The Angry British Theatre of Osborne and Wesker and the Theatre of Nouman Ashur. Dissertation Supervisor: Professor Fadila Fattouh  M.A. (With Distinction) in Modern English & Modern American Drama: March, 1985. Dissertation Title: John Osborne and Arthur Miller a Comparative Study Dissertation Supervisor: Professor Boshra Sabry  B.A.(With Honors), English Language & Literature, Faculty of Arts, Kuwait University,1977  High School Diploma: The German School 1973 Academic Posts:  Head of the English Department at the Faculty of Women for Arts, Science and Education 01/08/2013- the present  Head of The English Department at City Academy 03/02/2006-31/1/2007  Ain Shams University Faculty of Women for Arts, Science & Education The Department of English Literature:  Associate Professor 2004-present  Lecturer 1991-2004  Assistant Lecturer: 1985-1990  Demonstrator: 1979-1984 Academic Activities:  Supervision of M.A. and Ph.D. theses at Ain Shams University, Gaza University and Suez University  Examination of M.A. Theses and Ph.D. theses at Women's College for Arts, Science & Education Ain Shams University, Cairo University and El- Menya University
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