Sabet, Noha

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Sabet, Noha
N E Sabet Sabet NE Noha Ezzat Sabet Noha Ezat Sabet
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-20038. Radiometric analysis of alveolar bone density changes following maxillary anterior segment retraction.Sabet, Noha ; Nasser Essam ; El Sorougi Mohamed 
2Aug-2014Alveolar bone mapping in subjects with different vertical facial dimensions.N E Sabet ; Sadek MM ; Hassan IT 
3Mar-2003Angular assessment of the anteroposterior jaw relationship and direction of mandibular rotation in conventional and natural head posture lateral cephalometric radiographs .Sabet NE 
4Jan-2012Congenitally missing permanent teeth in egyptian children with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate.N E Sabet ; Elgoul DH ; Alabssy EH 
5Jul-2002The depth of the antegonial notch and the cranioftucial morphology of a group of Egyptian children.Sabet, Noha ; Elsayed FA 
6Jan-2011Effect of corticotomy-facilitated orthodonticsvon rootbresorptionSabet NE ; Hassan IT ; Abbas NH 
7Dec-2007Effect of saliva contamination on the shear bond strength of the conventional adhesive and the self-etch primer/adhesive.Sabet NE ; Fawzy KM ; Saif El Din H 
8Oct-2011The effect of using piezocision technique in orthodontic tooth movement on the periodontal condition.N E Sabet ; Hassan IT ; Abass NH 
9Apr-2016Evaluation of corticotomy-facilitated orthodontics and piezocision in rapid canine retraction.N E Sabet ; Hassan IT ; Abass NH 
10Jan-2000Evaluation of symphysis morphology as a predictor of mandibular growth direction.Sabet, Noha ; ELZahedHH 
11Dec-2005Evaluation of the calculated posterior transverse interarch discrepancy; As a simple and effective parameter for assessing the transverse congruence of the dental arches.Sabet NE ; Foda MY 
12Jan-2003An evaluation of the effect of clinical use and different sterilization techniques on time mechanical properties of nickel titanium arch wires. EgyptianSabet, Noha ; Refaie MY ; Foda MY 
13Dec-2002Force degradation of elastomeric chain- A comparison of three commercially available products.Sabet, Noha ; Taher S 
14Jan-2008High resolution multislice computerized tomography with three dimensional reformation imaging in positioning of maxillary canine.Sabet, Noha ; Amer WS ; Zaki ND 
15Sep-2017Maxillary arch distalization using interradicular miniscrews and the lever-arm appliance: A case report.Sabet NE ; Hassan IT ; Medhat MS 
16Jan-2008A newly constructed computer program for three dimensional analysis of tooth movement.Sabet NE ; Fawzy KM ; Negm IM 
17Mar-2006Optical scan of occlusal registration for the assessment of posterior teeth interdigitation.Sabet NE ; Metwalli NE 
18Jan-2001Palatal rugae area: a landmark for analysis of pre and pos orthodontically treated adult Egyptian patients.Sabet, Noha ; Abdel-Aziz HM 
19Feb-2012Three dimensional assessment of midface asymmetry in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate using cone beam computed tomography.N E Sabet ; Elgoul DH ; Elkassaby MA ; Elabassy H 
20Jan-2004Three dimensional finite element study of the stress induced deformation patterns during segmented canine retraction.Sabet NE ; Negm IM ; Fawzy KM ; Refaie MY