Hany S. Nadim

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Shawky Nadim Ibrahim, Hany
Hani S. Nadeem
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11990Alterations in cell morphology and cytoskeletal proteins in gingival fibroblasts exposed to a Bacteroides gingivalis extractPhillips, J.R. ; Layman, D.L. ; Shawky Nadim Ibrahim, Hany 
2Jul-2018Cochlear Changes Caused by Peginterferon α-2bZittoon, Reham F. ; Madian, Yasser T. ; Alhennawi, Diaa Eldeen M. ; Hani S. Nadeem 
32015Effect of sildenafil citrate on the placenta in hypertensive pregnant rats: Histological and histochemical study. Ain Shams Med J 66 (1): 87-105Hamdi KN ; Hani S. Nadeem ; Youssef AR ; El-Nefiawy NE ; Awad AY ; Eid HR 
42005Efficacy of intratympanic methylprednisolone acetate in treatment of drill-induced sensorineural hearing loss in guinea pigsEl-Hennawi, D.M. ; Badr El-Deen, M.H. ; Abou-Halawa, A.S. ; Shawky Nadim Ibrahim, Hany ; Ahmed, M.R. 
58-Apr-1998Intracellular translocation of PKC isoforms in canine pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells by ANG IIDamron D. ; Hong S. ; Darvish A. ; Murray P. ; Shawky Nadim Ibrahim, Hany