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12017Control of extensional transfer zones on syntectonic and post-tectonic sedimentation: implications for hydrocarbon explorationMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, Samir M. 
22006Preliminary seismicity and focal mechanisms in the southern Gulf of Suez: August 1994 through December 1997Hussein, H.M. ; Marzouk, I. ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Hurukawa, N. 
32012Inverted Rift-Basins of Northern EgyptBevan, T.G. ; Moustafa, A.R. 
41994Tectonic evolution and structural setting of the Gulf of Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. ; Abdine, A.S. ; Nelson, R.A ; Patton. T.L 
51988Structural geology of Sierra Del Carmen, Trans-Pecos Texas, Geologic Quadrangle Map no. 54Moustafa, A.R. 
61995Rejuvenation of the Tethyan passive continental margin of northern Sinai: deformation style and age (Gebel Yelleq area)Moustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, Samir M. 
72004Geologic maps of the Eastern side of the Suez rift (western Sinai Peninsula), EgyptMoustafa, A.R. 
81990Structural character¬istics and tectonic evolution of north Sinai fold beltsMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, M.H. 
91992A new technique for the analysis of directional and orientational dataMoustafa, A.R. 
101996Structural setting and tectonic evolution of the northern Hammam Faraun Block (Wadi Wasit-Wadi Wardan area), eastern side of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. 
111995Superposed deformation in the northern Suez rift, Egypt: Relevance to hydrocarbon explorationMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, M.H. 
121992Structural setting of the Hammam Faraun block, Eastern side of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. ; Abdeen, M.M. 
131991Engineering geology of Mokattam city and vicinity, east¬ern Greater Cairo, EgyptMoustafa, A.R. ; Abdel Tawab, S. ; El-Nahhas, F. 
141997Structural characteristics of updip sides of half grabens and effect of pre-rift structures on rift geometry: northeastern part of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. 
151993Structural evolution of the eastern shoulder of the Suez rift: Um Bogma areaMoustafa, A.R. ; Yousif, M.S. 
161994Rejuvenation of the Eastern Mediterranean passive continental margin in northern and central Sinai: New data from the Themed FaultMoustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, M.H. 
171993Structural character¬istics of the Suez rift marginsMoustafa, A.R. ; El-Raey, A.K. 
181992The Feiran tilted blocks: An example of a synthetic transfer zone, Eastern side of the Suez riftMoustafa, A.R. 
191991Late Cretaceous-Tertiary rotational deformation in North Sinai (Gebel Yelleq area)Moustafa, A.R. ; Khalil, S. ; Khawasik, S. 
202016Architecture of fault damage zones of normal faults, Gebel Ataqa area, Gulf of Suez rift, EgyptMaqbool, Atteeq-ur-Rehman ; Moustafa, A.R. ; Dowidar, Hamed ; Yousef, Mohamed