nagah sayed ashour ali

Faculty of Women
Interests: fashion history,
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nagah sayed ashour ali
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11-Apr-2016Creating Ultraviolet protective clothes using natural dyeingnagah sayed ashour ali ; O. K. Ahmed 
225-May-2016Fashion clothing inspired from historical and traditional costumes via antibacterial treatmentRania nabeel shakrer ; nagah sayed ashour ali 
34-Jun-2013novel program to enhance production data management ( PDm) system in clothing manufacturenagah sayed ashour ali ; shimaa h. abdelaziz ; W.A.Elsayed ; Maha M.T.Eladwei 
48-Sep-2015antimicrobial finishing of cotton fabric via cross linking using low molcular weight polyethelene and citric acidnagah sayed ashour ali ; Rania N.shaker ; W.A.elsayed ; sherif mousa ; maha m. t. eladwi