Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen

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Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen
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Professor of Paleontology & Stratigraphy since 2011, Visiting Professor at KU-Leuven (summer 2011), Post-doctor Researcher at KU-Leuven (summer 2007), Visiting post-doctor reasearcher at Bremen University (summer 2006, 2005), Associate Professor (2004-1997), Post-doctor (DAAD) Researcher at University of Bremen (1999), Ph.D. Ain Shams University 1997, Ph.D DAAD Scholarship-University of Bremen (1993-1995), M.Sc. Ain Shams University (1991), Visiting Researcher at NMNH, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (1990).
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12012Plankton stratigraphy of the Early and Middle Miocene Kareem and Rudeis Formations in the central part of the Gulf of Suez, EgyptBoukhary, M. ; Abd El Naby, Ahmed ; Faris, M. ; Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen 
2Dec-1998Sedimentary response to basin inversion: Mid cretaceous-early tertiary pre- to syndeformational deposition at the Areif El Naqa anticline (Sinai, Egypt)S. Lüning ; J. Kuss ; M. Bachmann ; A.M. Marzouk ; A.M. Morsi 
3Mar-1994Ostracode and microfacies study of the Eocene sequence in the northwestern part of the Eastern Desert, EgyptMohamed A. Bassiouni ; Fawzi H. Hamza ; A.M. Morsi 
41-Apr-1998Sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous of central east Sinai, EgyptS. Lüning ; A. Marzouk ; A.M. Morsi ; J. Kuss 
5Mar-2000Senonian ostracodes from east-central Sinai, Egypt; biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implicationsA.M. Morsi 
62002Ostracode record across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum level at Gebel Duwi (Red Sea coast, Egypt)A.M. Morsi ; R.P. Speijer 
72007Differential extinction between ostracodes and benthic foraminifera during global warming at the Paleocene/Eocene boundaryR.P. Speijer ; A.M. Morsi 
81991Ostracode and microfacies study of the Eocene rocks in the area southwest the Maadi – Qattamiya road, Egypt.M.A. Bassiouni ; F.H. Hamza ; A.M. Morsi 
92003Integrated stratigraphy of the Paleocene-Eocene transition in platform to basin sediments in Egypt.R.P. Speijer ; C. Scheibner ; J. Kuss ; A. Mackensen ; A.M. Marzouk ; S. Monechi ; A.M. Morsi ; C. Müller ; J.J.G. Reijmer 
10Jun-2006Aptian ostracodes from Gebel Raghawi (Maghara area) in northern Sinai, Egypt: Taxonomic, biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic contributionsMorsi, Abdel-Mohsen 
111-Dec-2003High-resolution ostracode records of the Paleocene/Eocene transition in the South Eastern Desert of Egypt - Taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology and paleobiogeographyA.M. Morsi ; Robert P. Speijer 
122001Lower Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) Foraminifera and Ostracoda from Northern Sinai, EgyptAbdel-Galil A. Hewaidy ; A. Morsi 
13Jun-2008Maastrichtian-Early Eocene ostracodes from west-central Sinai, Egypt - taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology and paleobiogeographyMorsi, Abdel-Mohsen ; Mahmoud Faris ; Abd-Elfattah Zalat ; Rehab F.M. Salem 
142009Paleocene–Early Eocene ostracodes from the Southern Galala Plateau (Eastern Desert, Egypt): Taxonomy, impact of paleobathymetric changesMorsi, Abdel-Mohsen ; Christian Scheibner 
152012Biotic impact of Eocene Thermal Maximum 2 in a shelf setting (Dababiya, Egypt)Peter Stassen ; Etienne Steurbaut ; Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen ; Peter Schulte ; Robert Speijer 
162007Oculobairdoppilata gen. nov. (Ostracoda, Bairdiidae): a new genus from the Paleocene of TunisiaVan Itterbeeck, Jimmy ; Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen ; Horne, David J. ; Speijer, Robert P. 
171-Jul-2003Middle–upper Eocene ostracods and nummulites from Gebel Na’alun, southeastern Fayum, EgyptMorsi, Abdel-Mohsen ; Mohamed Boukhary ; Amin Strougo 
181999Paleocene to Early Eocene ostracodes from the area of east-central Sinai, EgyptA.M. Morsi 
192001Cenomanian ostracode faunas from Sinai peninsula, EgyptA.M. Morsi ; Jan Bauer 
202004Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of Middle-Upper Jurassic ostracodes from Gebel Maghara area, Northern Sinai, Egypt.Morsi, Abdel-Mohsen