Metwally, Amr Abdel Fattah Hamed Ahmed

Faculty of Agriculture
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Metwally, Amr Abdel Fattah Hamed Ahmed
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12013Effect of foliar spraying of salicylic acid on growth, yield and quality of cold stored strawberry plantsMetwally, A.A. ; Youssef, Sabry Mousa Soliman ; El-Miniawy, S.M. ; Ragab, M.E. 
231-Jul-2017Eggs viability and histological changes in ovary of Argae persicus after treatment with Allium sativum extract,olah.zyaan, ; Metwally, A.A. ; mohamedA.Abdou 
32-Aug-2017Changes in protein content of Argas Persicus Ovary after treatment with Allium Sativum ExtractMetwally, A.A. ; Ola H. Zyaan ; Mohamed A. Abdou