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hamido, shadia


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12015Effect of Vaginal Discharge on Nurses Student’s Quality of Lifehamido, shadia ; Randa Mohamed Ibrahim ; Wafaa Mohamed Emam 
22018Factors Affecting Quality Of Life among Woman with Menopausal Symptomshamido, shadia ; Ekbalabd-Elraheem Emam ; Heba Ali Shabaan 
32017Clinical Simulation Versus Traditional Laboratory Training on Nursing Students' Level of Competencehamido, shadia ; Eman Moustafa Sayed ; Nabaweya Saleh Saleh Shehata 
4Jun-2018Intervention Technique to Increase Awareness of Maternity Competency Standard of Intern Students at Antenatal Unithamido, shadia ; Eqbal Abd-Elrahem Emam ; Heba Atef Osman 
5Dec-2017Effect of Self - Care Guidelines on the Quality Of life Among Infertile Womenhamido, shadia ; Azaa Mohammed Hafe ; Mona Ahmed Abd-Elhamed 
62017Applying Standards for nursing care to improve the quality of nursing performance at labor unithamido, shadia ; Ekbal Abd El Rehem Emam ; Naglaa Fathy Ahmed