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yassien, sahar

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1Mar-2008Grading Immediate Nursing Sensitive Outcomes after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft: Tool Development and Validation.yassien, sahar ; Mohamad Regal 
2May-2012Measuring Nursing-Sensitive Patients’ Outcomes in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction: Tool Development and Validationyassien, sahar ; Mona Hamdy ; Hoda Diab 
32005Effect of Health Education on Modifiable Risk Factors for Patient with Angina Pectorisyassien, sahar ; Zienab Adham ; Magda Abdel-Aziz 
4Apr-2003Evaluation of Sleep Promoting Strategies on Critically Ill Patients in Intensive care Unityassien, sahar ; Hoda Diab 
5Aug-2011Effect of Adjunctive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy versus Traditional Wound Care on Diabetic Foot Ulceryassien, sahar ; Abeer William ; Ola Abdel Aty 
6Oct-2002Analysis of incidence and risk factors of ventilator associated pneumonia in different intensive care units: A multicenter prospective studyyassien, sahar ; Gehan M. Fahmy ; Salwa A. Mokhtar ; Ayman A.H. Farghaly, ; T. Safwat 
7Mar-2004Nursing assessment and decision tree based predictions of perioperative cardiac morbidity and mortalityyassien, sahar ; Omar Karam 
8May-2010Validation of Bedside Nursing Assessment Test for Rapid Detection of Lower Respiratory Tract Infectionyassien, sahar ; Salem G 
9Jun-2003Outcomes of Decision-Making Intervention For Women with Familial Genetic Predisposition To Breast and Ovarian Canceryassien, sahar ; Hanan Abd El-Fattah ; Nessrien O. El Sayed 
10Mar-2009Short Term Evaluation of Prone Positioning in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndromeyassien, sahar ; Gamal Salem 
112002Effect of ‘incomplete handout’ on students’ attention during lectureyassien, sahar 
12Jan-2012Effect of Web-Based Brain Training Program on Cognitive and Academic Functions of Student Nurses with Sickle Cell Diseaseyassien, sahar 
13Jan-2004Effect of Normal Saline Instillation during Endotracheal Suction in Mechanically Ventilated patientsyassien, sahar ; Hanan Mohammad ; Hanan Said Ali 
14Jul-2011Perceived Self-efficacy and Commitment to an Exercise in Patients with Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritisyassien, sahar ; Hanan, S. A