Eyd Ahmed, Nouh

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Eyd Ahmed, Nouh
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N E Ahmed
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013The efficiency of microsatellite DNA markers for estimating genetic polymorphism in some Tilapia species.Y.M. Saad ; M.A. Rashed ; A.H. Atta ; Eyd Ahmed, Nouh 
22013Gene expression analysis of Egyptian and Yemeni sorghum cultivars under salinity stress using isozymes and SDS-PAGE.Al-Shabi, J. H. ; M.A. Sallam ; Eyd Ahmed, Nouh 
32012Genetic diversity among some tilapia species based on ISSR markersSaad, Y.M. ; M.A. Rashed ; A.H. Atta ; Eyd Ahmed, Nouh 
42006Molecular markers for iron deficiency stressRashed, M.A. ; M.A. Sallam ; Eyd Ahmed, Nouh 
5Jun-2018Protective Effects of Red Palm Oil and Super Red Palm Olein on Hypercholesterolemic RatsN E Ahmed ; Huda H. I. Mohammed ; Magda, H. Alaam ; S. A. Hafez ; Nessrien, M.N. Yasin 
62011Reconstruction of phylogenetic relations among four tilapia speciesRashed, M.A. ; Y.M. Saad ; A.H. Atta ; Eyd Ahmed, Nouh