El Safori, Yasser

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El Safori, Yasser
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1- B.Sc. (1981, Honors) Ain Shams University. 2- M.Sc. (1985) Ain Shams University. 3- Ph.D. (1994) Ain Shams University. Ph.D. Title: STRATIGRAPHY AND PALEONTOLOGY OF THE MIOCENE EXPOSURES ON THE WESTERN SIDE OF THE GULF OF SUEZ, EGYPT Academic Career: Teacher Assistant 1981-1992 (Ain Shams University). Visiting Scientist USC 1992-1994 (University of South Carolina). Lecturer 1994-1999 (Ain Shams University). Visiting Scientist 1999-2000 IU (Indiana University). Visiting Scientist 2000 UPS (University of Pen. State). Lecturer 2000-2001 (Ain Shams University). Assistant Professor 2001-2008 (Ain Shams University) Professor 2008-2015 (Ain Shams University) Head of Geology Department 2012-2015 (Ain Shams University)
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