Abdel Hamid, Fatma

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Abdel Hamid, Fatma
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Tyrosinase biosensor based on multiwall carbon nanotubes - titanium oxide nanocomposite for catechol determinationFathy, SA ; Abdel Hamid, Fatma ; El Nemr, A ; El-Maghraby, A ; Serag, E 
22018Targeting Cancer Immunotherapy through Vaccination using Irradiated Xenogeneic Placental extractMostafa, Dalia ; Abdel Hamid, Fatma ; El boushy, Soheir A ; Abu Bakr, Asmaa ; Abdallah, Nadia M. 
3Jan-2019Expression and immune recognition of polypeptides derived from Hepatitis C virus structural proteinsHalim, Alyaa S Abdel ; Mohamed, Mohamed R ; Abdel Hamid, Fatma ; Karim, Amr M