Hala Mahmoud Hamdy Abaza

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Hala Mahmoud Hamdy Abaza
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Hala Abaza
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Abaza H.M,H
Abaza H.M.
Abaza Hala M.
Hala Abaza
Hala M. H. Abaza
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2015Detection of 14q32 rearrangements in multiple myeloma, using simultaneous FISH analysis combined with immunofluorescenceHala Abaza ; M.G.A. Ibrahim ; R.I. Annaka, L.M.H ; G.M. Hegazy ; A.A. Kamal ; S.R. Saad 
2Jan-1990Effect of Splenectomy on Polymorph-Complement Interaction.Hala Abaza ; Soha A. R. Abdel-latif ; Omar F. M. Fathy 
32010Expression of chemokine receptor “CXCR4” as a prognostic factor in acute Myeloid leukemia.Hala Abaza ; Ahmed A N ; El-Lebady D H ; Ismail L AA ; Osman L A A 
41-Jan-2013Growth differentiation factor 15 expression in anemia of chronic disease and iron deficiency anemiaHala Abaza ; Rana E.A. El-Nashar ; Deena M.M. Habashy 
5Mar-1999Late Sequelae of Chemo/radiotherapy in Egyptian Pediatric Hodgkin's Disease.Hala Abaza ; Mohamed S. Zaghloul ; Samya Y. Akle ; Zekri K. Zekri ; Aya M. H. Abaza ; Safinaz EI-Habashy ; Amin Abo-GabaI 
61-Apr-2018Neuropilin-1/CD304 expression by flow cytometry in Pediatric precursor B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A Minimal Residual Disease and Potential Prognostic Marker.Hala Abaza ; Abdel Fattah Mona F ; A nnaka Laila M ; Ebeid Fatma S ; Eissa Deena SN ; Alfeky Mervat AA 
71-Jan-2016Platelet-dependent von Willebrand factor activity in acute myeloid leukemia patients: role in hemostatic alterationsAbaza H.M,H ; SF Samaan ; BAT Farweez 
8Jan-2010Quantification of BCR/ABL fusion transcripts in chronic myeloid leukemia: follow up of therapeutic regimens and detection of minimal residual disease by real time polymerase chain reaction.Hala Abaza ; Mostafa G M H ; Negm Z M G ; Khattab D A ; Foad D A ; El-Arab S E 
91-Feb-2016Stanniocalcin1 gene expression in patients with acute leukemia: impact on response to therapy and disease outcomeHala Abaza ; H. M. Mahmoud ; H. M. A. El Maraghy ; M. I. Elmougy