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12019Silymarin and silymarin nanoparticles guard against chronic unpredictable mild stress induced depressive-like behavior in mice: involvement of neurogenesis and NLRP3 inflammasomeAshraf, Aya; Mahmoud, Passant A; Reda, Haidy; Mansour, Salma; Helal, Mehad H; Effat, Haidy ; Nasr, Maha 
2Nov-2018Comparative enhancement of curcumin cytotoxic photodynamic activity by nanoliposomes and gold nanoparticles with pharmacological appraisal in HepG2 cancer cells and Erlich solid tumor modelFadel, Maha; Kassab, Kawser; Abd El Fadeel, Doaa A; Nasr, Maha ; El Ghoubary, Nayera Mohamed
32021The beneficial activity of curcumin and resveratrol loaded in nanoemulgel for healing of burn-induced woundsAlyoussef, Abdullah; El-Gogary, Riham I.; Ahmed, Rania F.; Ahmed Farid, Omar AH.; Bakeer, Rofanda M.; Nasr, Maha 
4May-2016Development of an optimized hyaluronic acid-based lipidic nanoemulsion co-encapsulating two polyphenols for nose to brain deliveryNasr, Maha 
52020Commentary on "Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Loaded Liposomes for Topical Treatment of Inflammatory and Degenerative Conditions" by Carla Matos, FP-ENAS-UFP Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit/CEBIMED-Centro de Estudos em Biomedicina, Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal Challenges and Prospects of Topical Treatment of Inflammatory and Degenerative Conditions: A Vesicular ApproachNasr, Maha 
62013Hydrophilic versus hydrophobic porogens for engineering of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles containing risedronate sodiumNasr, Maha ; Awad, Gehanne A S; Mansour, Samar; Al Shamy, Abdelhamid; Mortada, Nahed D
72021Ethanol injection technique for liposomes formulation: An insight into development, influencing factors, challenges and applicationsGouda, Ahmed; Sakr, Omar S.; Nasr, Maha ; Sammour, Omaima
8Oct-2008Vesicular aceclofenac systems: a comparative study between liposomes and niosomesNasr, Maha ; Mansour, Samar; Mortada, Nahed D; Elshamy, A A
92018Novel nicotinamide skin-adhesive hot melt extrudates for treatment of acneNasr, Maha ; Karandikar, Hrushikesh; Abdel-Aziz, Rasha T A; Moftah, Noha; Paradkar, Anant
102019Insights on the Use of Nanocarriers for Acne AlleviationAmer, Sandra Sherif; Nasr, Maha ; Mamdouh, Wael; Sammour, Omaima
11Jan-2021Bergamot oil as an integral component of nanostructured lipid carriers and a photosensitizer for photodynamic treatment of vitiligo: Characterization and clinical experimentationShaaban, Mai; Nasr, Maha ; Tawfik, Abeer A; Fadel, Maha; Sammour, Omaima
121-Sep-2019Colloidal (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate vesicular systems for prevention and treatment of skin cancer: A comprehensive experimental study with preclinical investigationEl-Kayal, Maha; Nasr, Maha ; Elkheshen, Seham; Mortada, Nahed
132015Could nanovesicles containing a penetration enhancer clinically improve the therapeutic outcome in skin fungal diseases?Bsieso, Eman A; Nasr, Maha ; Moftah, Noha H; Sammour, Omaima A; Abd El Gawad, Nabaweya A
14Nov-2011Different modalities of NaCl osmogen in biodegradable microspheres for bone deposition of risedronate sodium by alveolar targetingNasr, Maha ; Awad, Gehanne A S; Mansour, Samar; Taha, Ismail; Al Shamy, Abdelhamid; Mortada, Nahed D
1515-Jun-2020Nanoemulsion as a feasible and biocompatible carrier for ocular delivery of travoprost: Improved pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic propertiesIsmail, Ayman; Nasr, Maha ; Sammour, Omaima
16Jun-2020Fabrication of extended-dissolution divalproex tablets: a green solvent-free granulation techniqueKhaled, Amr; Abdel-Hamid, Sameh; Nasr, Maha ; Sammour, Omaima A
172017Intranasally administered in situ gelling nanocomposite system of dimenhydrinate: preparation, characterization and pharmacodynamic applicability in chemotherapy induced emesis modelNasr, Maha ; Ahmed, Rania F; Badawy, Sabry S; Mansour, Samar; hassan mohamed barakat, Sara
18Feb-2011A reliable predictive factorial model for entrapment optimization of a sodium bisphosphonate into biodegradable microspheresNasr, Maha ; Awad, Gehanne A S; Mansour, Samar; Al Shamy, Abdelhamid; Mortada, Nahed D
19Jun-2017Topical colloidal indocyanine green-mediated photodynamic therapy for treatment of basal cell carcinomaFadel, Maha; Samy, Nevien; Nasr, Maha ; Alyoussef, Abdullah A
2010-Sep-2019Novel antipsoriatic fluidized spanlastic nanovesicles: In vitro physicochemical characterization, ex vivo cutaneous retention and exploratory clinical therapeutic efficacyElmowafy, Enas; El-Gogary, Riham I; Ragai, Maha H; Nasr, Maha