Water Quality Management for a Coastal Wetland A Case Study for Lake Burullus, Egypt

Soussa, Hoda ; Iman Elazizy ; Eman wasfy 


This paper examines the spatial and temporal distribution of physiochemical, organic matters, Ions, cations and heavy metals from twenty four points collected from Burullus lagoon of the Nile delta, Egypt. It aims at understanding the lake characteristics from the environmental point of view and assessing the impact of human interventions on it in terms of pollution and degradation. Burullus is a shallow fresh to saline lagoon, water depth ranges between 0.5 m and 1.6 m. The lagoon is connected in the east with the open sea by a narrow channel. As a result, it is a Ramsar site. The wetland represents the main source of income to the people of the surrounding villages through fishing, it produces about 55,000tons annually. The water quality of Burullus is threatened by excessive fishing, pollution from pesticides and fertilizers and direct wastewater discharges. The present work uses statistical analysis to determine the major factors affecting the water quality. A field survey was conducted in August 2008 by the authors to map the spatial distribution of water quality parameters, which was used to evaluate their compliance with water quality guidelines and standards for the protection of aquatic life and the use of the lake as a recreation area. Previous water quality data from 2002 was gathered to determine the changes in water quality compare to 2008. Although continuous monitoring is highly recommended, it is not possible due to the complex system of the lake and the huge amount of data needed that required funds, time, labours and appropriate equipments.

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Keywords Lake Burullus, water quality, water mangment
Issue Date 2010
Publisher Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Journal Ain Shams Journal of Civil Engineering ASJCE 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/464

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