Soussa, Hoda

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Soussa, Hoda
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H. Soussa
Hoda Kamal Soussa
H. K. Soussa
HK Soussa
H Soussa
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Prof. Dr. Soussa is a Water Resources Scientist with extensive experience of water development programmes, integrated water resources management and development in arid and semi-arid regions, water demand management, water resources planning and policy, water quality monitoring, hydrogeological investigation, numerical modeling, and Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing applications in water resources. Her main experience is in Egypt, but she has worked in many international projects after her PhD and till now. Dr. Hoda Soussa’s academic experience is acquired through her career as a university professor and as a consultant in several water resources and High education projects. She is teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering basic and advanced science for engineering students. In addition to that, supervising and examining many Master and Doctoral thesis in the water resources, hydrology, and water quantity and quality fields.
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