The creep properties of Sn-12wt%Bi and Sn- 12wt.%Bi-1wt%Sb alloys during phase transformation

R.H. Nada ; F. Abd El-Salam ; M.M. Mostafa ; A.M.Abd El Khalek ; H. S. Mohamed 


The variations in the steady state creep parameters observed in Sn-12wt.%Bi (alloy A) and Sn-12wt.%Bi-1wt.%Sb (alloy B) due to the annealing temperature and Sb addition in the working temperature range 333 - 413K with 10 K steps, under constant stresses 32, 35 and 39 MPa have studied with a transition point at 353K for the both alloys. The strain rate sensitivity parameter, m, and the activation volume, V, increased with increasing the working temperature to 353K. The obtained activation energies are 59.99 and 66.16 kJ/mole before transformation and 72.45 and 78.03 kJ/mole after transformation for alloys A and B respectively, characterizing the grain boundary sliding (G.B.S.) with partially diffusion before transition temperature region, and the dominant cross slipping mechanism after transition region.

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Keywords Steady state creep; Stress; Activation energy; Strain rate; Activation volume; transition temperature; phase transformation
Issue Date 2013
Journal International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 

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