Hanan sayed

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Hanan sayed
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H. S. Mohamed
H.S Mohamed
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2019A simulated neural system (ANNs) for micro-hardnessof nano-crystalline titanium dioxideD.M.Habashy ; H. S. Mohamed ; E.F.M.El-Zaidia 
2Dec-2015Influence of annealing on structural and Micro- Hardness of nanocrystalline TiO2 Thin FilmsF.Abd El-Salam ; M.M.Mostafa ; M.M. El-Nahass ; R.H. Nada ; E.F. M. El Zaidia ; H. S. Mohamed 
319-Sep-2010Effect of Sb addition on the mechanical and structural behaviour of Sn-Bi alloyF.Abd El-Salam ; M.M.Mostafa ; R. H. Nada ; H. S. Mohamed 
42013The creep properties of Sn-12wt%Bi and Sn- 12wt.%Bi-1wt%Sb alloys during phase transformationR.H. Nada ; F. Abd El-Salam ; M.M. Mostafa ; A.M.Abd El Khalek ; H. S. Mohamed