A Framework for Multiagent-Based System for Intrusion Detection

Islam Hegazy, Taha Ibrahim Alarif, Zaki Taha Fayed, Hossam M. Faheem,


Networking security demands have been considerably increased during the last few years. One of the critical networking security applications is the intrusion detection system. Intrusion detection systems should be faster enough to catch different types of intruders. This paper describes a framework for multiagent-based system for intrusion detection using the agent-based technology. Agents are ideally qualified to play an important role in intrusion detection systems due to their reactivity, interactivity, autonomy, and intelligence. The system is implemented in a real TCP/IP LAN environment. It is considered a step towards a complete multiagent based system for networking security.

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Title A Framework for Multiagent-Based System for Intrusion Detection
Authors Islam Hegazy ; Taha Ibrahim Alarif ; Zaki Taha Fayed ; Hossam M. Faheem 
Keywords Intrusion Detection;Multiagent-based Systems;Security
Issue Date Aug-2003
Publisher Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Conference The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA’03) 
ISBN 978-3-540-44999-7
DOI 10.1007/978-3-540-44999-7_12

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