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Department of Computer Systems - Computers
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Hossam M. Faheem
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121-Nov-2013A grid based medical image retrieval system using alchemiMaghraby F. ; Faheem H. ; Roushdy M. ; Amoon M. 
2Aug-2003A Framework for Multiagent-Based System for Intrusion DetectionIslam Hegazy ; Taha Ibrahim Alarif ; Zaki Taha Fayed ; Hossam M. Faheem 
431-Oct-2003A multi-agent based system for intrusion detectionIslam Hegazy ; Taha Al-Arif ; Z.T. Fayed ; H.M. Faheem 
44Mar-2005Performance Evaluation of Agent-based IDSIslam Hegazy ; Hossam M. Faheem ; Taha Al-Arif ; Tawfik Ahmed 
4528-Nov-2005Evaluating how well agent-based IDS performI.M. Hegazy ; H.M. Faheem ; Taha Alarif ; T. Ahmed 
46Jul-2004A design of softbots for intelligent, reactive intrusion detection systemsIslam M. Hegazy ; Hossam M. Faheem ; Taha Al-Arif