New non-cyanide acidic copper electroplating bath based on glutamate complexing agent

Ibrahim, Magdy, R.S. Bakdash,


Highly adherent and compact copper coatings on steel substrates were successfully produced by electrodeposition
using noncyanide bath based on glutamate as a complexing agent. The investigation was conducted using
potentiodynamic cathodic polarization, cyclic voltammetry, in situ-anodic linear stripping voltammetry and
chronoamperometry techniques. The results from the potentiodynamic cathodic polarization show polarization
characterized by the presence of a current plateau (limiting current, ilim) in the potential range−0.65 to−0.83
VSCE, as a result of the deposition limitation by the diffusion process. The present glutamate bath has a higher cathodic
current efficiency than that of cyanide baths. The electrochemical kinetic data confirms that the Tafel
slopes of the solution containing glutamate ions are higher (821.1–849.9 mV decade−1) than that without
MSG (738.5 mV decade−1). The relative invariance of αc, observed for increasing glutamate ion concentrations,
suggests that the Cu electrodeposition pathway is not affected by the presence of glutamate.However, the rate of
Cu2+ deposition on the steel surface fromglutamate bath, ismuch higher than that on the glassy carbon surface.
Copper coatings with very different morphologies can be obtained from the glutamate bath by simply manipulating
the applied current density. X-ray diffraction analysis and SEM observations revealed that monosodium
glutamate (MSG) does not vary the texture of the electrodeposited copper. However, it depends greatly on the
deposition parameters such as the applied current density, pH and bath temperature. High hardness of copper
deposits was obtained both at low concentration of MSG and at low current density. Baths contained glutamate
ions exhibited a slight decrease in the throwing power

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Title New non-cyanide acidic copper electroplating bath based on glutamate complexing agent
Authors Ibrahim, Magdy ; R.S. Bakdash 
Keywords Copper deposition Noncyanide bath Monosodium glutamate Chronoamperometry Anodic stripping
Issue Date 2015
Publisher Elsevier
Journal Surface & Coatings Technology 

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