Black nickel electrodeposition from a modified Watts bath

Ibrahim, Magdy,


Black nickel coatings were electrodeposited on to steel substrates from a Watts bath containing potassium nitrate.
The best operating conditions necessary to produce smooth and highly adherent black nickel were found to be
NiSO4 Æ 6H2O 0.63 M, NiCl2 Æ 6H2O 0.09 M, H3BO3 0.3 M and KNO3 0.2 M at pH of 4.6, i=0.5 A dm)2, T=25 C
and t=10 min. The modified Watts bath has a throwing power (TP) of 61%, which is higher than that reported, not
only for nickel, but also for many other metals electrodeposited from different baths. The potentiostatic current–
time transients indicate instantaneous nucleation. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis shows that the black nickel
deposit is pure metallic nickel with Ni(111) preferred orientation.

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Title Black nickel electrodeposition from a modified Watts bath
Authors Ibrahim, Magdy 
Keywords black nickel, current efficiency, electrodeposition, potentiodynamic, Tafel lines
Issue Date 2006
Publisher Elsevier
Journal Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 
DOI DOI 10.1007/s10800-005-9077-8

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