Improving Nurses' Performance Towards Non- Pharmacological Pain Management Among Neonates In Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Adly, Randa ; Doaa Elsayed Abd El- Aziz, ; Shadia Mostafa El Sallab ; Magda Ahmed Abd El Aziz 


Despite the availability of evidence based clinical guidelines regarding the effectiveness of the non-pharmacological methods of procedural pain relive in hospitalized neonates, the majority of these methods still underused. The aim of this study was to improve nurses' performance towards non pharmacological pain management among neonates in neonatal intensive care unit through the implementation of an educational program. Design: A quasi-experimental design was used in carrying out the study. Setting: The study was conducted at the neonatal intensive care unit affiliated to Mansoura University Children's Hospital. Subjects: A convenience sample of 51 neonatal nurses working in the previously mentioned setting. Tools: Data were collected by using: Predesigned questionnaire sheet to assess nurses' knowledge about neonatal procedural pain and its non-pharmacological management and the observation sheet to assess nurses' application of non- pharmacological pain management methods in the neonatal intensive care unit. Results: There was statistically significant difference regarding nurses' knowledge and practices about neonatal pain and its non-pharmacological management methods pre, immediately post and at follow up of the program implementation. Conclusion: There was a significant positive effect of the educational program in improving nurses’ performance towards non-pharmacological pain management in neonatal intensive care unit Recommendations: Conducting more periodical continuing education for neonatal nurses that encouraging more frequent use of non-pharmacological methods in clinical care with necessity of follow up that must be motivated by a multidisciplinary team to be a routine care inside the unit.

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Keywords Neonatal Nurses, Neonatal procedural pain management, NICU, Non-pharmacological methods.
Issue Date Aug-2018
Journal IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS) 

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