Barriers in Controlling Glycemic Condition of Children Suffering from Type 1 Diabetes

Mohamed, F. M. ; Ouda, W. E. ; El-Sayed, S. 


Children with type 1 diabetes have many barriers that prevent them from controlling their blood glucose level. Aim of this study was assess barriers in glycemic control of children suffering from type 1 diabetes. A descriptive design was used for the conduction of the study. The sample of the study consisted of 300 children with type 1 diabetes, their ages ranges from <1 to 18 years, 67.7% of them were males and 32.3% females. A questionnaire sheet was designed by the researcher to collect the demographic characteristics and knowledge about diabetes among study sample in addition to observational check lists to evaluate, the actual practice of the diabetic children regarding insulin preparation and injection, urine and blood testing for glucose and urine testing for ketones. Results and conclusion of the study revealed that barriers of glycemic control children's characteristics (66.7%), children knowledge about diabetes and glycemic control (67.7%), health care facility (53.3%), duration of illness (54.3%) and poor self care practice's (68.7%). There is a relation between the children educational level and barriers of glycemic control and also there is a highly statistical significance difference between barriers of glycemic control and their glycemic condition. The study recommends continuous educational programs which are vital for diabetic children and their care givers to maintain their glycemic control and consequently helping them to identify and manage barriers of their glycemic control

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Keywords Keywords: Barriers - Diabetes – Glycemic Control – Ketones
Issue Date 2011
Publisher The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine
Journal The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine 

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