Lipoprotein (a) and lipid profile in neonates from mothers with three different types of diabetes mellitus.

AbouGhalia AH, Khater LM, Abd El-Wahed MA, El-Badrawy MF ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 


OBJECTIVES: The metabolic components in neonates may be affected by maternal diabetes mellitus. DESIGN AND METHODS: To investigate the alterations in lipid metabolism and the possible atherogenic risk, the lipoprotein a (Lp a), apoproteins, lipid profile, glucose concentrations were measured (ELISA, immunodiffusion and enzymatic) in 77 cord blood samples from diabetic and healthy pregnant mothers. RESULTS: The body weight, cord glucose and both apoproteins were increased in neonates of gestational and noninsulin dependent diabetic (GDM, NIDDM) than in neonates of nondiabetic mothers (NNDM). The Lp (a) was not correlated with the blood glucose and didn't significantly increase in the three neonates groups of diabetic mothers. The apo B/apo A1 and the LDL/HDL ratios were insignificantly increased in relation to the body weight. In neonates of diabetic mothers (NDM), only the blood glucose and Lp (a) differ between both sexes. CONCLUSION: NDM may have disturbed lipid metabolism, which require special care to them and to their mothers during the prenatal period

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Issue Date 2003
Source 6
Journal Clinical biochemistry 

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