Abou Ghalia, Azza

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Abou Ghalia, Azza
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11994Advances in the detection of marrow micrometastases in breast cancerOrlandy Silva, Vredenburgh J, Robert Bast ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
21998Amylin in hypertensive patients and its relation to some incriminating factors in vascular disorders.Heba Said, Azza AbouGhalia, Ali Haggag, Mohamed Shokry, Ali Khalifa ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
31997Amylin-Insulin inter-relationship in polycystic ovary syndromeHussein El Orabi, Hala Mahfouz H, Nehad Shoeib, Amr El Shalakani, Azza Abou Ghalia, Khalifa A ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
42005Caspases, DNA fragmentation, and oxidative stress: implications for the pathogenesis of preeclampsia and relationship to maternal risk factors and perinatal outcome.Azza AbouGhalia, Magda Mohamed, Salah Fayed, Noura El Khouly. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
52005The Cell Cycle Regulators P16INK4a, P15INK4b and Cyclin D1: Relationship to Clinicopathological Parameters and Disease-free Survival in Laryngeal Carcinoma PatientsEMAN EL-SALAHY, AZZA H. ABOU-GHALIA1, AHMED ADLI and SAMAR K. KASSIM ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
62016Clinical significance of high levels of survivin and transforming growth factor beta-1 proteins in aqueous humor and serum of retinoblastoma patients. Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (JAAPOS).Shehata HH, Elsayed EK, Ahmed Said AM, Mahmoud SS. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
71991Clinical value of alkaline phosphatase isozymes in metastatic and non-metastatic breast cancerSanaa Eissa, Ali Khalifa ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
81996Comparison between serum total PSA, free PSA levels and free total PSA index in detecting prostatic carcinomaAli Khalifa ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
91996A comparison of immunohistochemistry, two-color immunofluorescence, and flow cytometry with cell sorting for the detection of micrometastatic breast cancer in the bone marrowVredenburgh JJ1, Silva O, Tyer C, DeSombre K, Abou-Ghalia A, Cook M, Layfield L, Peters WP, Bast RC Jr. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
101999Correlation of cortisol, serotonin and leptin with the symptomatic profile of major depressionHeba Essawi, Hussein El Orabi, Hala Mahfouz, Hadia Al Sayed, Azza AbouGhalia, Taher Farid, Ali Khalifa. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
112010Detection of survivin protein in aqueous humor and serum of retinoblastoma patients and its clinical significancelHanan H.Shehata, Azza H.Abou Ghalia, Eman K.Elsayed, Osman O.Ziko, Saffaa S.Mohamed ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
122006Elevation of hyaluronidase-1 and soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 helps select bladdercancer patients at risk of invasion.Abou Ghalia, Azza 
132002Endothelial nitric oxide and lipid peroxides in relation to the changes in arterial blood pressure in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsBataa El Kafrawy, Azza AbouGhalia, Magda Metwaly, Maha Sallam. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
142000Estimation of glutathione S-transferase and its Pi isoenzyme in tumor tissues and sera of patients with ovarian cancerAzza AbouGhalia, Naglaa Abd Rabbo, Amr El Shalkani, Laila Seada, Ali Khalifa ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
151997Evaluation of PSA expression in Egyptian breast cancer patients in comparison with some prognostic criteriaAbou Ghalia, Azza 
162018Evaluation of RECK mRNA and RECK protein in tissue and serum of breast cancer patientsAzza Hassan AbouGhalia, Eman Khairy, Manar Fouada, Hussein Abd Aleem Boshnak ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
171992Expression of CA 125 in breast cancer.Sanaa Eissa, Ali Khalifa, Azza AbouGhalia, Hamdy Abdalla. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
182000Glutathione and its metabolizing enzymes in patients with different benign and malignant diseasesFouad IM ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
192005Human telomerase RNA (hTR) and serum nitrate as an index of in vivo nitric oxide production in hepatocellular carcinoma.Azza AbouGhalia, Nabil El Sharabasy, Amina Medhat, Naglaa Sherif, Ibrahim Abd Sallam. ; Abou Ghalia, Azza 
202003Lipoprotein (a) and lipid profile in neonates from mothers with three different types of diabetes mellitus.AbouGhalia AH, Khater LM, Abd El-Wahed MA, El-Badrawy MF ; Abou Ghalia, Azza