Axisymmetric Gravitational Oscillation of a Fluid Cylinder Under Longitudinal Oscillating Electric Field

Ahmed E. Radwan, Samia 1 2 S. Elazab ; zeinab mohamed ibrahim ismail 


Abstract: The gravitational oscillation of a dielectric fluid cylinder surrounded by gravitational dielectric medium of negligible motion has been investigated via the normal mode analysis for axisymmetric perturbation. The acting forces on the model are : self-gravitating, pressure gradient and electrodynamic forces with oscillating time dependent electric field. The model is governed by Mathieu second order integro-differential equation. The oscillating electric field is only destabilizing in few axisymmentric states but it is strongly stabilizing in the remaining axisymmentric states. The self gravitating has strong destabilizing influence in the domain 0

Other data

Keywords Electrogravitational, Periodic time dependent, Hydrodynamic stability, Stability of laminar flows, PACS numbers: 47.20.-K Hydrodynamic stability, 47.15.Fe Stability of laminar flows
Issue Date 2008
Journal Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 
Series/Report no. 2(3): 500-509, 2008;2(3)

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