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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-201216S rRNA Gene As A Marker For Bacteremia In Patients With Acute PancreatitisEman A Elghoroury ; Dalia Adel Abd-El Haleem ; Dina F Ayoub ; Salwa A Dabbous ; Magda S. Gabr ; Ghada Abdel Wahed 
22008Axisymmetric Gravitational Oscillation of a Fluid Cylinder Under Longitudinal Oscillating Electric FieldAhmed E. Radwan, Samia 1 2 S. Elazab ; zeinab mohamed ibrahim ismail 
32011Chemical synthesis and characterization of polyaniline Nanoparticle Doped with Lanthanum ChlorideAbd El Hameed, reham ; N.A.M.Shahin 
42008A Cost-effective Medium for Enhanced Production of Extracellular á-galactosidase in Solid Substrate Cultures of Aspergillus awamori and A. carbonariusA.A. El-Gindy ; U.F. Ali ; Z.M. Ibrahim ; Isaac, George 
51-Aug-2011Effects of dietary consumption of garlic on delaying cataract induced by sodium selenite in ratsAbd El-Razek F. ; El-Sheikh, Nora ; Kholeif T. ; Al-Balkini M. ; Gomaa A. ; Hassan H. 
61-Mar-2012Evaluation of chemoprotective role of N-acetylcysteine and vitamin E on gentamicin- induced nephrotoxicityHanaa M. Abd El-Fattah ; Nora M. El-Sheikh 
72011Impact of dried black grape and/or hot red pepper supplementation in ameliorating the nephrotoxicity effect of cisplatin in ratsAbdel Wahab, Hanan MF ; Hassanin, N.I.Y. ; Ahmed, E.M. ; El-Monem, A.R.A. 
82011The synergistic hepatoprotective effect of curcumin and ginger against carbon tetrachloride induced- liver fibrosis in ratsEzz, Magda K. ; Hamdy, G.M. ; Abd El Atti, R.M. 
92011The ameliorative effect of Echinacea purpurea against gamma radiation induced oxidative stress and immune responses in male ratsEzz, Magda K. 
102012Uranium migration in Paleozoic lateritic Paleosol Samples, Southwestern Sinai, EgyptRagab, Fatma ; Talaat, Shadia ; T.M. Abd El Maksoud