20- Supportive Psychotherapy for Enhancing Quality of Life among Patients with Depression

Hoda S. Mohamed, Tarek A. Abdu, Nevein M. Elashry, ; mourad, ghada 


Background: Major depressive disorder is the second leading disease causing functional impairment and disability. It is a prevalent health problem which is associated with diminished life quality, and significant physical and psychosocial impairment. Therefore, the current study aimed to enhance quality of life and decrease depressive symptoms for patients with depression through utilization of supportive psychotherapy. This study was conducted on 40 patients during their follow-up visits to the Outpatient Clinic, Al-Abbassia Mental Health Hospital. Data were collected using: 1) Interviewing questionnaire sheet including, socio-demographic data, history of depression and the patient's knowledge regarding depression. 2) Beck's Depression Inventory. 3) World Health Organization Quality of life Scale. The main result of this study showed that, there is a highly statistically significant difference between pre-post program implementation as regards patients knowledge about depression, level of depression and their total score of quality life domains. The study concluded that, utilization of supportive psychotherapy showed great enhancement of quality of life and decrease in depressive symptoms among patients with depression. The study recommended that the concept of supportive psychotherapy and quality of life should be integrated in nursing education curriculum to help nursing staff to guide patients with depression and their families on how to avoid and/or cope with depression to maintain normal life style at highest possible level of quality of life.

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Keywords Depression – Quality of life – Supportive psychotherapy
Issue Date 2016
Publisher Hoda S. Mohamed
Journal Egyptian journal of health care Vol.7, No.3 September 2016 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/2520

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