A multi-agent based system for intrusion detection

Islam Hegazy, Taha Al-Arif, Z.T. Fayed, H.M. Faheem,


This article describes a framework for intrusion detection using agent-based technology. Agents are ideally qualified due to their reactivity, interactivity, autonomy and intelligence. The system discussed is implemented in a TCP/IP LAN (local area network) environment. It represents a step towards a complete multi-agent based system for networking security.

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Title A multi-agent based system for intrusion detection
Authors Islam Hegazy ; Taha Al-Arif ; Z.T. Fayed ; H.M. Faheem 
Issue Date 1-Oct-2003
Journal IEEE Potentials 
DOI 10.1109/MP.2003.1238690
Scopus ID 2-s2.0-33745590283

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