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127-May-2009ac conductivity and dielectric properties of amorphous Se80Te20−xGex chalcogenide glass film compositionsN.A. Hegab ; Farid, Abir ; H.E. Atyia ; M.A. Afifi 
212-Apr-2016Compositional Dependence of the Optical Propertiesof Amorphous Semiconducting Glass Se80Ge20-_xCdx (0 < x <12 at.%) Thin FilmsN.A. Hegab ; Farid, Abir ; A.M. Shakra ; M.A. Afifi ; A.M. Alrebati 
326-Aug-2016Conduction mechanism and dielectric properties of a Se80Ge20-_xCdx (0 < x <12 at.%) Films.A.M. Shakra ; Farid, Abir ; N.A. Hegab ; M.A. Afifi ; A.M. Alrebati 
42015Consciousness of the faith and its impact on community practicesDr.Nehal El Defrawy 
52013The creep properties of Sn-12wt%Bi and Sn- 12wt.%Bi-1wt%Sb alloys during phase transformationR.H. Nada ; F. Abd El-Salam ; M.M. Mostafa ; A.M.Abd El Khalek ; H. S. Mohamed 
62009Cultural Materialist Criticism in Shakespeare’s King Lear, The Tempest, and Henry IVAbdel-Mageed, Elham Gamal 
719-Sep-2010Effect of Sb addition on the mechanical and structural behaviour of Sn-Bi alloyF.Abd El-Salam ; M.M.Mostafa ; R. H. Nada ; H. S. Mohamed 
82015“Egyptian society between religious fanaticism and moderate practices after the revolution of January 25, 2011” (Applied Analytical study on some Egyptian families in Cairo).Dr.Nehal El Defrawy 
919-Sep-2014Electrical and Switching Phenomenon of Se80Ge20-xCdx (0 < x <12 at.%) Amorphous SystemM.A. Afifi ; N.A. Hegab ; A.M. Shakra ; Farid, Abir ; A.M. Al rebati 
1023-Apr-2011Electrical and switching properties of Se85Te15−xSbx (0 ≤ x ≤ 6 at.wt%) thin filmsM. Fadel ; N.A. Hegab ; I.S. Yahia ; A.M. Salem ; Farid, Abir 
111-Oct-2013Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Se85Te15-xSbx (x = 0 at.%, 2 at.%, 4 at.%, and 6 at.%)Thin FilmsN.A. Hegab ; M. Fadel ; I.S. Yahia ; A.M. Salem ; Farid, Abir 
12Nov-2018Escalation of islamophobia in western countries and their attitudes about Islamic culture” (Analytical critical study for some western writings).Dr.Nehal El Defrawy 
131-Dec-2009FT-IR, FT-Raman spectra and Ab Initio HF, DFT vibrational analysis of P-methyl acetanilideEl-Barbary A. ; El-Nahass M. ; Kamel M. ; El-Mansy, M.A.M. 
142015Glass transition and crystallization study of Te additive Se Bi chalcogenide glassFarid, Abir ; atyia, heba 
1528-Jul-2017Glass transition kinetics aspects of amorphous Se60Ge15As25 and Se60Ge15Sn25 compositionsatyia, heba ; Hegab, N. A. ; Farid, Abir 
16Feb-2016Glass transition, thermal stability and glass-forming tendency of Se85Te10X5 (X = In, Sn) chalcogenide glassesFarid, Abir ; N.A.Hegab ; E.Abd El-Wahabb ; H.Magdy 
172016Gravelmetry and Petrogenesis of the Coastal rock boulders, Mersa Matruh, North Western of the Egyptian Mediterranean.Abdel Moneim A.Mahmoud ; Mohamed Hamed Abdelal ; Ayoub, Sahar Mahmoud 
18Dec-2015Influence of annealing on structural and Micro- Hardness of nanocrystalline TiO2 Thin FilmsF.Abd El-Salam ; M.M.Mostafa ; M.M. El-Nahass ; R.H. Nada ; E.F. M. El Zaidia ; H. S. Mohamed 
198-Sep-2008Investigation of DC conductivity and switching phenomenon of Se80Te20−xGex amorphous systemM.A. Afifi ; N.A. Hegab ; H.E. Atyia ; Farid, Abir 
202019IslamopeaceismDr.Nehal El Defrawy