Zawawi N.

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Zawawi N.


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11-Jan-2014Security issues on cloud data servicesZawawi N. ; M. Hamdy ; El-Gohary R. ; Tolba M. 
21-Dec-2016Realization of a data traceability and recovery service for a trusted authority service co-ordination within a Cloud environmentZawawi N. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Ghary R. ; Tolba M. 
31-Jan-2012A Novel Watermarking Approach for Data Integrity and Non-repudiation in Rational DatabasesZawawi N. ; El-Gohary R. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Tolba M. 
41-Jan-2014A large dataset enhanced watermarking service for cloud environmentsZawawi N. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; El-Gohary R. ; Tolba M.