Mohamed Hamdy

Interests: Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, Could Computing, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics,
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Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed
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Dr. Mohamed Hamdy ElEliemy is an Assistant Professor with more than 16 years experience years in both Research and Teaching in many fields of Computer Networks and Computer Science in general. He has been employed his experiences in leading universities in MENA and Europe during his career. Both BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science at Ain Shams University in Egypt formed a solid background and a set of Research and Teaching skills. During his PhD work at the University of Jena in Germany, and for about five years, he has conducted a set of highly ranked and reputed research groups in several occasions. He acquired high managerial skills as working on the top IT strategic management at Ain Shams University as a director for a large enterprise network like Ain Shams University Information Network where he managed to provide several strategic vision and solutions for many challenges. His research Interest fields are: -Wireless Networks,Network Simulation, and Mobile Computing -Data Management -Data Mining and Machine Learning As a researcher, he has about 50 publications. These publications have been published in reputed journals, books, inproceedings, ... etc. More details about his impact and H-index can be found on his Google Scholar and Scopus profiles.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
131-Oct-2014Cyber space security assessment case studySaid H. ; El Gohary R. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Salem A. 
21-Jan-2015Fast Forced Handover Technique for Load Balancing in Mobile WiMAX for Real-time ApplicationsSamy A. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Semary N. 
325-Jan-2016A comparison on VANET authentication schemes: Public Key vs. Symmetric KeyIbrahim S. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed 
41-Jan-2014Security issues on cloud data servicesZawawi N. ; M. Hamdy ; El-Gohary R. ; Tolba M. 
51-Dec-2016Realization of a data traceability and recovery service for a trusted authority service co-ordination within a Cloud environmentZawawi N. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Ghary R. ; Tolba M. 
61-Jan-2012A Novel Watermarking Approach for Data Integrity and Non-repudiation in Rational DatabasesZawawi N. ; El-Gohary R. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Tolba M. 
72-Feb-2016A proposed security service set for VANET SOAIbrahim S. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Shaaban E. 
81-Jan-2015GPSIH: A generic IP-based scheme for identity hiding in MANETsMohsen Y. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Hashem M. 
91-Dec-2011The gross interest: Service popularity aggregationHamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; K├Ânig-Ries, B. 
101-Jan-2014A large dataset enhanced watermarking service for cloud environmentsZawawi N. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; El-Gohary R. ; Tolba M. 
1113-Jun-2016Enabling less-infrastructure road communication networks for VANETsIbrahim S. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed 
121-Jan-2017Towards an optimum authentication service allocation and availability in VANETsIbrahim S. ; Mohamed Hamdy El-Eliemy ; Shaaban, E. 
132-Feb-2016Text document annotation methods: Stat of artIsmail I. ; Gad W. ; Mohamed Hamdy El-Eliemy ; Bahnsy K. 
141-Jan-2015Evaluation of mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e handover load balancing trendsHamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed 
151-Jan-2017Distributed influential node detection protocol for mobile social networksAbdelMohsen D. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed