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Salem A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2012Urinary retinoic acid receptor-β2 gene promoter methylation and hyaluronidase activity as noninvasive tests for diagnosis of bladder cancerEissa S. ; Zohny, Samir Farouk Mahmoud ; Shehata H. ; Hegazy M. ; Salem A. ; Esmat M. 
22-Feb-2016Species composition of sand flies and bionomics of Phlebotomus papatasi and P. sergenti (Diptera: Psychodidae) in cutaneous leishmaniasis endemic foci, MoroccoBoussaa S. ; Boussaa S. ; Kahime K. ; Samy A. ; Salem A. ; Boumezzough A. 
31-Nov-2007Predictive value of osteocalcin and β-CrossLaps in metastatic breast cancerSalem A. ; Zohny, Samir Farouk Mahmoud ; Abd El-Wahab M. ; Hamdy R. 
41-Jan-2015New insights in the horizon for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: A proposal based on experimental studyAhmed H. ; Salem A. ; Mahmoud Shouckry, Gilane Mohamed Sabry ; Husein A. ; Kotob S. 
51-Jan-2016Machine learning techniques for intelligent access controlKhalifa W. ; Roushdy M. ; Salem A. 
61-Jan-2017FreebaseViz: Interactive exploration of freebase schema using query-driven visualisationElbattah M. ; Roushdy M. ; Aref M. ; Salem A. 
731-Oct-2014Cyber space security assessment case studySaid H. ; El Gohary R. ; Hamdy ElEliemy, Mohamed ; Salem A. 
81-Nov-2008Comparison of CD44 and cytokeratin 20 mRNA in voided urine samples as diagnostic tools for bladder cancerEissa S. ; Zohny, Samir Farouk Mahmoud ; Swellam M. ; Mahmoud M. ; El-Zayat T. ; Salem A. 
91-Jun-2005Case-Based and ontology learning approaches for developing e-Learning systemsRoushdy M. ; Salem A. 
105-Jun-2013Amelioration of neuroinflammation and apoptosis characterizing Alzheimer's disease by natural productsSalem A. ; Mahmoud Shouckry, Gilane Mohamed Sabry ; Ahmed H. ; Hussein A. ; Kotob S.